Become a Member

Membership is the way we grow our Union. Every new member makes us stronger and puts us in a better position to negotiate with the University.

Only members have the right to participate in the running of the Union! Members can vote in officer elections, vote to ratify the contract, run for executive board, officer, or negotiating team positions, and become stewards.

In addition to helping strengthen the Union, there are some great members-only perks through the AFSCME Advantage Program.

  • FREE college for members and their families
  • Homeowner, Car, Life, Renters, and Pet Insurance (to name a few)
  • Legal Services
  • Cell phone service discounts (AT&T only)
  • Financial Hardship Help
  • Vacation savings
  • And many more!

If you are ready to sign a membership card, get in touch with us!

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